Who is 1dev.ca ?

1dev.ca is a new Montreal-based (Canada) company created to build instant connections between clients and freelancers in the technology industry and save time.

What kind of freelancers?

Every developers in the technology industry, such as Front End Developer, Backend Developer, Full Stack Developer, Dev Ops, Software engineer, Software developer, Software Architect, .NET Developer, PHP Developer, JAVA Developer, Mobile Developer, Interactive Developer, Director of technology, Programmer Analyst, Applications Engineer, Systems Software Engineer and more.

When is it out?

The site is still under construction, but we're working hard to get it online. Everyone on the pre-registration list will be notified by email as soon as the site is officially launched.

How does 1dev.ca work?

Just create your free account and complete your profile (freelancer or client) to send or receive job invites anywhere in the world.

Start free account with Pro trial for 15 free days.

Why 1dev.ca?



How much does it cost to register?

Registration is free, fast, and there are no commission fees! Go Pro and get access to more management options and enjoy discounts at our affiliated coffee shops.

Know of a coffee shop or bistro you'd like to recommend? Write to us at hello@1dev.ca or @1devca

Freelancer pro account: $8/month

Client pro account: $20/month

Can I downgrade after going Pro?

You can disable or cancel your Pro account at any time—no questions asked! If you're leaving due to a major issue, we'll reimburse you for two months further to a discussion with our team. Let us know why you're terminating your account so we can make the necessary improvements.